Those who are drawn to Wind Sports understand how exhillarating it can be when the conditions are right. ALUULA Composites was founded by lifelong Wind Sport professionals who re-imagined what might be possible with equipment that was Lighter and Stronger. Creating more speed, more air, and better control for both hardened competitors and early enthusiasts. With their product development background, ALUULA engineers designed composite fabrics that were IDEAL for Wind Sports. 

The first generation of ALUULA based kites entered the market in early 2020 and already the industry has been changed.  What’s possible and user expectations have now shifted. ALUULA has transformed the entire Wind Sport market by reducing weight by up to 50% while increasing strength and durability. In the process delivering previosuly impossible performance.

Resetting Expectations…ALUULA Composites.



Flight tested in Kite Boarding, Aluula has proven that Lighter and Stronger is a difference maker in the Wind Sports. Kites using Aluula composites to make them lighter and stiffer have become the premium offerings in the industry. In 2021 the market will also get to experience the first ever Wings using Aluula materials. The advance orders and anticipation have been quite incredible! The demand for these “performance first” products is a testament to the benefits they deliver.

With positive results and a loyal user base, the word has spread. The world’s premiere brands will soon be introducing Aluula based offerings in other wind sports such as windsurfing, paragliding, foiling and more. Whether it’s a full Aluula airframe or just using Aluula strategically to stiffen struts and leading edges, the difference is impossible to miss. Watch for the Aluula hang tags on your favorite Wind Sport products and ride the best! Aluula, redefining the game.


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Champions demonstrate and define the best. The best techniques. The best skills and approaches. And often, the best products. But once in a while the best and most innovative products introduce new champions! Watch for the Aluula Big Air competition being launched in conjunction with the GKA in 2021. Giving all kite surfers a place to showcase their best ever jumps and most memorable moments in the air. Whether it’s names we know or new faces making their mark, watch for Aluula in the hands of champions!

Aluula is extremely proud to have world champion class riders dedicated to brands using our materials…..Dream Big! 



What does Lighter and Stronger mean for the Wind Sports market? Well for starts, with extremely light kites you can enjoy kiting in even the lightest winds. And if that kite happens to have a stiffer airframe, it will be more responsive than anything you’ve flown before. And that stiffer airframe means you will maintain control in strong winds like never before. And as an aside, when you’re toting your gear around, you won’t mind less weight and fewer overweight charges from the airlines!

There is one thing we must caution you about though. Pretty much 100% of the people who tried an Aluula kite found it very disppointing to return to their conventional material kites! Sorry if we reset your expectations but that’s progress! Aluula, redefining the game.



The team at Aluulan aren’t just material scientists. They’ve been designers and sailmakers and kite makers and bag makers for their entire careers. No strangers to the challenges of manufacturing goods consistantly in volume means that they understand what their partners needs are. Aluula has developed a full range of construction techniques that suit both our materials and the product demands. Aluula sewn seams are stronger than the already amazingly strong material itself! And we also make materials that welcome Heat welding and RF welding.

With attention to detail, Aluula materials are real world ready. Our materials deliver high UV resistance and toughness. Print ready and  embossable. The Aluula team has a design and construction background and we make it as easy as possible for our partners to unlock the value of Lighter and Stronger.



There is a uniqueness to the Aluula approach to composite materials. Aluula is more a process than a product. Using very innovative material science technology and manufacturing techniques, we are able to bond together unique materials with specific attributes to create composites with targeted qualities and characteristics. If your needs are unusual we may be able to “dial in” a material specific to your demands. Lighter? Stronger? Stiffer? You choose. Aluula…..Changing the game!.



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