Performance comes full circle.

Our innovative technology has changed the game. High performance and sustainability are now one and the same.

Better by design

Lighter, stronger and more durable fabric is possible because it’s made of a single substance – 100% polyethylene. By fusing together mono-polymer fibers at the molecular level a brand-new material is created that has no adhesives. This makes every square inch lighter and stronger with no risk of delamination or fraying. 

Advanced construction

Our fabrics can easily be sewn, heat welded, and bonded to themselves. Customers can also use seam tape, zippers, and more. This allows product designers to take advantage of no-sew and glue-free product construction techniques, while end users can repair their gear in the field with heat activated patches. 


We are aiming for 100% recycle-ready fabrics. Currently, the majority of our fabrics are 100% polyethylene, and are made using our low energy, low waste, and low-fume production method, making them recycle-ready. Offcuts and old products can be chemically recycled into ethylene gas and repolymerized to be reused for new innovative products.

Preferred Vendors.

Framis Italia is a market leader in polyurethane heat-bonding applications.  Macpi is a sew-free technology for continuous welding of materials.

Framis Italia

Sustainability is the future.

Lighter, stronger and sustainable once seemed impossible. We demonstrated it can be possible.

A single solution.

The beauty of ALUULA fabrics is that they are mono polymers, meaning they are one substance. This not-so-secret solution simplifies everything. From manufacturing to design, and how we might recycle products in the future, everything becomes smarter. 

Reduced waste.

Our proprietary low waste, low energy, and low fume production method fuses multiple high-performance fibers into one new material. This creates a more efficient and ultimately low impact manufacturing process. 

Closing the loop.

The majority of ALUULA fabric, whether it’s a production offcut or material in a finished product, is recycle-ready. We have ambitious plans to close the loop on ALUULA fabric, maintaining it’s lifecycle and supporting our brand partners on their mission to close their production loops. 

Constant Improvement.

We already play a huge role in helping our partners reach their stretch sustainability goals, and it’s just the beginning. We’re continually exploring more textiles, technologies, and processes that hold the power to make the world a better place. 

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