Sailing, the oldest Wind Sport of all. The sheer magnitude of a fully loaded sail begs the question. How light can we make this without giving up strength or performance? Our sailmaking experience at ALUULA provided us with clear objectives we had to achieve. Abrasion resistant with zero hydrolysis and UV stablility. Extremely strong but dynamic fabrics. And of course, light. 

The demands on a sail are great and the rewards for making them perform even better are exciting! ALUULA, see how fast “Light” can be.


Already put through rigorous testing in Kite Boarding, ALUULA has proven to be a difference maker in Wind Sports. Kiters have said a loud yes to the advantages of Lighter and Stronger and early reaction from the sail making community echo’s the same excitement for ALUULA composites. Our aim is to help sailmakers reduce traditional sail weights by up to 50% while maintaining or exceeding modulus and durability requirements. The results of less weight aloft delivers more speed, easier sail management and improved boat handling – end of story!

Because of our woven fiber substrate, traditional sewing techniques work extremely well. And with the very high surface energy of our ALUULA Gold™ composites, it is equally easy to use with bonded seam technology and no sew thermally bonded overlays. Yes, ALUULA is light and strong, but what about abrasion? ALUULA Durlyte™ has extremely low surface friction provides a new standard in abrasion resistance.

Watch for Black or Gold ALUULA sails on the water this season as industry leaders bring our revolutionary sail material to market. Redefine your expectations.



What does Lighter and Stronger mean for the Sailing Market? Well for starters, who wouldn’t prefer the lightest available sails when it’s time to change sails and move gear around your boat. Keeping the weight aloft as low as possible delivers obvious benefits and having sails that are high performance AND tough as nails sounds almost impossible. With ALUULA composite sails you can redefine what is actually possible so what are you waiting for. Ask for the Lightest and Strongest sail material in the world by name… ALUULA!

Made for


The team at ALUULA aren’t just material scientists. They’ve been designers and sailmakers and kite makers and bag makers for their entire careers. No strangers to the challenges of manufacturing goods consistently in volume means that they understand what their partners needs are. ALUULA has developed a full range of construction techniques that suit both our materials and the product demands. ALUULA sewn seams are stronger than the already amazingly strong material itself. And our composites work extremely well with most bonded seam technology.

With attention to detail, ALUULA materials are real world ready. Our materials deliver high UV resistance and toughness. The ALUULA team has a design and construction background and we make it as easy as possible for our partners to unlock the value of Lighter and Stronger.

Make It


There is a uniqueness to the ALUULA approach to composite materials. ALUULA is more a process than a product. Using very innovative material science technology and manufacturing techniques, we are able to bond together unique materials with specific attributes to create composites with targeted qualities and characteristics. If your needs are unusual we may be able to “dial in” a material specific to your demands. Lighter? Stronger? Stiffer?



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