The enthusiasm and desire to take part in Outdoor activities has never been greater. The equipment that supports this macro trend needs to enable and endure across a wide range of conditions. The ALUULA engineering team comes from the product development side and their composite materials reflect this. Lighter and Stronger. Abrasion resistant and UV stable. With an appreciation and understanding of the assembly requirements necessary to make things that stand up. Unlike many other fabric providers, at ALUULA we focus on providing solutions, not just material.

“As a product designer, nothing beats the thrill of seeing a customer being blown away by their experience with a product. With ALUULA this is the new norm.”



Flight tested in Kite Boarding, ALUULA has proven that Lighter and Stronger is a difference maker in the Wind Sports. Those same attributes attract attention in a wide range of other Outdoor Markets as well. Lighter and tougher bags open up a whole new world of possibilities. Extremely high abrasion resistance tames the most difficult applications and extends the life of premium products to ensure happy end users. Liners, frame covers, pack bottoms and anywhere you can imagine that needs to be tough but would benefit from being lighter…that’s where you’ll see ALUULA hang tags. Throughout 2021, Market Leaders have been hard at work developing their own ways to exploit the Lighter and Stronger promise of ALUULA. Look for products in the Outdoor market using ALUULA composites in 2022.



What does Lighter and Stronger mean for the Outdoors Market? You can spend your precious energy on things more interesting than carrying your bag! Less bag weight means more capacity for important supplies. Stronger, more abrasion resistant gear means you’re less likely to have equipment failures when and where you need them the least. ALUULA composites are almost bullet proof (and we’re working on that) so they deliver protection and safety that has not been available in the past.

There is one thing we must caution you about though. Once you’ve used equipment made with ALUULA you’ll find it almost impossible to go back to conventional materials. Welcome to the future of composite materials. Find Your Summit!



The team at ALUULA aren’t just material scientists. They’ve been designers and sailmakers and kite makers and bag makers for their entire careers. No strangers to the challenges of manufacturing goods consistently in volume means that they understand what their partners needs are. ALUULA has developed a full range of construction techniques that suit both our materials and the product demands. ALUULA sewn seams are stronger than the already amazingly strong material itself! And we also make materials that welcome Heat welding and RF welding.

With attention to detail, ALUULA materials are real world ready. Our materials deliver high UV resistance and toughness. Print ready and embossable. The ALUUA team has a design and construction background and we make it as easy as possible for our partners to unlock the value of Lighter and Stronger.



There is a uniqueness to the ALUULA approach to composite materials. ALUULA is more a process than a product. Using very innovative material science technology and manufacturing techniques, we are able to bond together unique materials with specific attributes to create composites with targeted qualities and characteristics. If your needs are unusual we may be able to “dial in” a material specific to your demands. Lighter? Stronger? Stiffer?



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