Our Story

Our goal was to create the lightest, strongest and most durable fabric in the world, while also making it more sustainable. And we did it!

With a revolutionary new material that’s eight times stronger than steel for its weight and 100% recycle-ready, our goal now is to bring it to as many different products and industries as possible. 

Coming from the natural beauty of Canada’s west-coast, we’re ever conscious of the impact humans have on our environment. From our chemists and engineers to our warehouse and office staff, we all share a passion for the outdoors. 

So, it won’t come as a surprise that our fabrics are consistently being used in outdoor products like backpacks, kites, tents, and many others. However, we’re also leading innovation in aerospace, and other commercial products too.  

As we continue to change the game for our growing list of partners’ performance and sustainability goals, we can’t wait to see what products ALUULA fabrics will influence next.