Aluula Off Cuts Transformed

Off-cuts transformed.

17 Apr, 2023

We are excited to share that together with the University of British Columbia, recycling processes are being developed for ALUULA’s high-performance, UHMWPE based off-cuts and end-of-life products. Traditionally, composite materials are made by gluing together different core layers and outer films to create fabrics for use in a wide range of product applications. Using our patented fusion process, we’ve developed a unique way to fuse high-tech fibers and technical films together without the use of glues. This fusion process is not only creating extremely light, strong, and durable fabrics, but materials that are recycle ready. An initial project with the Composites Research Network at UBC Vancouver established the ability to compress ALUULA material off-cuts and end-of-life products into uniform, lightweight and ultra-durable panels. What makes these panels so unique is that throughout the recycling process, the specialized UHMWPE fibres of the original ALUULA materials are kept intact. This results in extraordinary, fibre reinforced composite panels that are 10x stronger than those molded from virgin UHMWPE. From backpack back panels to low friction wear plates, the applications of these panels are suited to many tasks where strength, weight, abrasion resistance, and low friction are desirable.
“Working with UBC students on applications for these ultra-strong and ultra-durable products is proving to be invaluable as we refine our processes to ensure the recyclability of ALUULA materials.” Said ALUULA Composites Material Scientist, Samuel White.

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