Core Halo Pro Wing in Action

New Brand Partner: CORE Watersports.

8 Aug, 2023

Introducing new brand partner, CORE Watersports.

Known for continually delivering the highest standards in quality, construction, innovation, and durability, as well as being one of the first kiteboarding manufacturers globally, CORE has amassed an impressive global fanbase of avid windsport riders and athletes. 

Featuring a full ALUULA Gold airframe on both the HALO Pro Wing and the XR Pro Kite, combined with CORE’s innovative construction, has resulted in a pair of premium performance products.

The first generation of ultra-light and strong ALUULA materials entered the windsport market in early 2020 and transformed the industry. By using ALUULA instead of traditional airframe materials, the weight of the product can be reduced by up to 50%, while the material’s inherent properties dramatically increase the products’ strength, durability, and UV protection. Once the material is inflated, its high-stiffness allows for increased stability and control in a larger wind-range, maintaining its shape.

Since 2020, ALUULA material has been successfully adopted by global windsport leaders, including DUOTONE, RRD, VAYU, and Ocean Rodeo, with more announcements expected this fall.

About CORE Watersports

For over 20 years, CORE Watersports has earned a reputation for providing the highest standards of quality and performance in windsports products. Based at one of Europe’s watersports hotspots – the island of Fehmarn in Germany – CORE tests and develops their gear right on their doorstep, before putting it in the hands of their international pro team in the most demanding conditions around the world. Learn more about CORE:

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