The world seems to be shrinking while our human footprint relentlessly expands. We all hope that through technology and innovation we find game changing solutions that help reverse the environmentally destructive trends of the past century. However, in the meantime we can all do what we can do to be a part of the solution. At ALUULA we are working hard to be a part of that solution. We are using almost zero glues and our processes create very little off gassing of any sort. Some of our composites are already 100% recyclable and we continue to work on new materials that have the same qualities. All of our packaging is recycled material and we take pride in our minimalist package waste. We are working with our partners to try and create easy to access recycling processes for “end of life” products and we will continue to do everything and anything we can to contribute to the wellbeing of our natural surroundings.

While we strive as a company to be a part of the solution we also encourage and support a corporate culture of reduced waste and environmental impact. There are more bikes than cars in our parking lot…. every bit counts.”



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