Mar 8, 2023 | Wind

Photo via DUOTONE

Industry leading windsports brand DUOTONE releases the all-new EVO D/LAB kite, featuring an ALUULA airframe that offers unrivaled durability while delivering substantial performance enhancements.

The use of ALUULA fabric in the all-new EVO D/LAB has reduced the weight of the kite by 30% when compared to regular kites, meaning it can fly in the lightest winds.

The reduced weight and stiffness of the ALUULA frame delivers dynamic handling, incredible power, and so much more.

ALUULA Composite materials are made using a patented fusion technology to bond films to a specialized core, resulting in a new generation of performance composite fabrics that deliver unique and superior performance results. This “process, rather than a product” perspective allows for a wide range of iterations to meet a broad range of applications.

ALUULA vs Incumbent Fabrics

Strength to weight ratio refers to a material’s strength divided by its weight, giving a more accurate measure of performance.

Climber at the crag wearing the Black Diamond Vapor Helmet

Tensile strength is the measure of force required to break fabric, rope or wire.

Close up shot of ALUULA Gold™ material
ALUULA Gold Material

ALUULA Gold™ Composite Material

ALUULA is becoming a consistent factor in leading brands looking for high-performance materials to take their products to the next level. Watch product shelves, as this collaboration with DUOTONE is one of many ALUULA powered innovations to come in 2023.

Check out the DUOTONE Evo D/LAB kite.


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