Composite materials are widely used where critical assets and lives are constantly exposed to a wide range of risks. From the mission critical demands of the Aerospace Market to the emerging ecological and practical benefits of Sail Powered electrical generation. The Automotive Industry is demanding Lighter and Stronger materials for a broad range of components and the Worlds Military and Police bodies are in need of lighter human and equipment protection. Aluula is already working with leaders in all of the above to see how our materials might make a difference.  

The Professional Markets noted above share very similar requirements. Lighter and Stronger. Durable and Long Lasting. Better than what they currently have.

Aluula, safer without compromise.



Already field tested in the harsh environment of Kite Boarding, Aluula has proven that Lighter and Stronger is a difference maker in high performance applications. These same attributes are well suited for the Commercial markets where Aluula’s strength, UV stability, ultra high abrasion resistance and weight advantages allow for solutions not previously possible. Coupled with our inherant strength to weight ratio, very low water absorbtion levels and abrasion resistance make Aluula materials well suited to a wide range of Commercial applications. Aviation life rafts, military asset covers, ballistic protective layers, automotive upholstery, and many other challenging markets are already testing all of the above critical applications. The demand for our “performance first” materials is a testament to the benefits they deliver.



What does Lighter and Stronger mean for the Commercial Markets? Well for starts, higher strength to weight ratios mean better performing products that are easier and probably faster to use. Also, materials that stand up longer in real world usage reduce maintenance costs and ultimately extend replacement cycles. But perhaps most importantly, materials that withstand the environmental demands better and longer, save money and protect people and equipment. Material failures can be extremely costly in terms of down time and use of resources. At Aluula, we work closely with our partners to try and “dial in” the materials chosen for every specific product to deliver solutions that stand above what has been possible with converntional composite materials. Aluula, make things tougher!



The team at Aluula aren’t just material scientists. They’ve been designers and sailmakers and kite makers and bag makers for their entire careers. No strangers to the challenges of manufacturing goods consistantly in volume means that they understand what their partners needs are. Aluula has developed a full range of construction techniques that suit both our materials and the product demands. Aluula sewn seams are stronger than the already amazingly strong material itself! And we also make materials that welcome Heat welding and RF welding.

With attention to detail, Aluula materials are real world ready. Our materials deliver high UV resistance and toughness. Print ready and  embossable. The Aluula team has a design and construction background and we make it as easy as possible for our partners to unlock the value of Lighter and Stronger.



There is a uniqueness to the Aluula approach to composite materials. Aluula is more a process than a product. Using very innovative material science technology and manufacturing techniques, we are able to bond together unique materials with specific attributes to create composites with targeted qualities and characteristics. If your needs are unusual we may be able to “dial in” a material specific to your demands. Lighter? Stronger? Stiffer? You choose. Aluula…..Make It Yours!



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