Aluula Composites on Winds Sports and Beyond

Canadian Plastics: ALUULA Composites is going from Wind Sports to way beyond.

15 Mar, 2023

“From kitesurfing to landing on Mars is a giant leap, but it’s one this British Columbia-based firm might be poised to take.” – Canadian Plastics

When you think of kitesurfing, a sport that involves using wind power with a large power kite to pull a rider across the water, you probably think of someplace like Florida or Hawaii. But British Columbia, the city of Vancouver included, has countless beaches which are kiteable during the summer, which may help explain the origins of Victoria, B.C.-based advanced materials technology firm ALUULA Composites.

And how ALUULA might come to play a role in a NASA mission to the Moon or even Mars someday could be an even bigger story.”

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