Based in rugged British Columbia, Canada, ALUULA Composites was founded by a team of highly experienced chemists and engineers who share a common passion for exploring and enjoying the outdoors. From season to season we push our limits out on the ocean, rivers, mountains and trails, and our experience in these extreme environments has fired our passion to make materials that are lighter and stronger than anything on the market. 

ALUULA has effectively superseded conventional coated and laminated woven fabrics with new innovative, ultra strong composite materials. We’ve created composites that are highly tear resistant, stretch resistant and easy to fabricate into a multitude of products across a wide range of markets. These new dimensionally stabilized multilayer materials are the result of our innovative bonding of co-polymer layers that create composites with significant weight reduction and incredible resistance to tearing and stretching.

We are a Canadian company surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. At our core we are ever conscious of the environmental challenges we all face as a global community. In everything we do we strive to develop products and processes that are not hazardous to our environment and minimize the footprint we leave behind.


ALUULA was created to find solutions for real world challenges that were not being met by traditional composite manufacturers. Driven by ingenious science and chemistry, the founding group at ALUULA pulled from years of chemical industry experience and competitive extreme sports to find solutions to problems others had yet to identify. That initial group had the right knowledge, experience and perspective to work through the technical challenges involved in rethinking the making of composites. With the early success of the company and its materials, ALUULA has been adding to its team to ready the company for broad commercialization.

The team assembled at ALUULA have very diverse and complimentary skills. From science and creativity to operational excellence and market dominance, the ALUULA team is being constructed to ensure that the immense opportunities in front of us are fully realized.



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