Black Diamond Vapor Helmet

Black Diamond & Aluula Composites.

2 Mar, 2023

ALUULA Composites collaborates with world leading mountain sports brand Black Diamond in the development of a next generation climbing helmet.  We are excited to announce that we have collaborated with world leading mountain sports brand Black Diamond to develop ultralight and strong composite material for use in the next generation of their pinnacle climbing helmet, the 2023 Vapor.  We worked with Black Diamond to develop a custom penetration shield for the next generation of this sleek, ultralight helmet. ALUULA material has a 44% higher strength to weight ratio than previously used Kevlar® (ARAMID) and reduced the weight of the penetration shield by 40%. The new version of the Vapor weighs in at 155g in total (compared to the previous model at 186g), enabling climbers to never compromise performance (or style) for safety. ALUULA Composite materials are made using a patented fusion technology to bond films to a specialized core, resulting in a new generation of performance composite fabrics that deliver unique and superior performance results. This “process, rather than a product” perspective allows for a wide range of iterations to meet a broad range of applications.
“This collaboration with Black Diamond represents yet another area where the enhanced properties of ALUULA Composite materials combined with our unique expertise not only satisfy very technical objectives, but have the potential to supersede conventional materials.” – ALUULA Composites COO, John Zimmerman.
About Black Diamond Black Diamond is a world leading brand committed to designing and engineering the most innovative mountain equipment across the globe. Synonymous with excellence in mountain sports, Black Diamond creates equipment for the most technical, demanding users in the harshest environments. They endeavor to meet that need with innovation, rigorous engineering, and performance. Learn more about Black Diamond.  ALUULA is becoming a consistent factor in leading brands looking for high-performance materials to take their products to the next level. Watch product shelves, as this collaboration with Black Diamond is the first of many ALUULA powered innovations to come in 2023. Check out the 2023 Vapor Climbing Helmet.

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