Backpack-makers tapping Victoria’s ALUULA fabrics.

12 Feb, 2024

As any backpacker, trekker or thru-hiker will tell you, when you are carrying several days’ worth of food and gear up steep mountain paths, every ounce counts.

Serious backpackers and thru-hikers have been known to saw off the ends of toothbrushes, just to save a couple of grams of weight.

Durston Gear, an outdoor gear company based in Golden, B.C. that was founded by a backpacker known for setting the record for the Stein Traverse in B.C. (19 hours), has a new ultra-light backpack that will appeal to the weight and environmentally conscientious.

And it is another B.C. company — Victoria’s Aluula Composites (TSX-V:AUUA) – that is providing the composite material that makes it so special.

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