Oct 6, 2022 | Wind

Zout Fotografie @rein_zoutfotografie

Key wind sport brands are broadening their relationship with ALUULA, as our composite materials emerge as the consistent winning factor across kitesurf and wingfoil disciplines.

Wind sport companies Duotone, RRD, and Ocean Rodeo all have one thing in common: they’re all now using ALUULA composite materials in their latest range of kites and wings, and to increasingly greater effect, with team athletes achieving multiple podium finishes across recent high profile competitive events.

Benefitting from the lighter, stronger and stiffer qualities of the ALUULA Gold™ material over traditional dacrons, the brands’ respective design teams are continuing to infuse ALUULA technology into their latest kite and wing models, and then handing off the finished products to some of the best riders in the world…

Having recently announced the launch of their new “NEO D/LAB” kite featuring an ALUULA air frame, Duotone riders dominated the recent Global Kitesports Association championship tour stop in Dakhla, Morocco, with team riders James Carew, Sebastian Ribeiro and Matchu Lopes taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively, and all using ALUULA powered kites in the contest. The brand has also seen achievements within its wing team too, with multiple podium finishes attained using their UNIT D/LAB wings featuring an ALUULA leading edge and strut.

Italian wind sport brand RRD have also posted multiple podium positions at recent Global Wingsports Association events, with team riders Francesco Capuzzo and Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo using their new ALUULA-powered Gold Wings to maximum effect, with Gollito also recently achieving 1st place the Freestyle Cup in Cavalaire, France, while Francesco and teammate Camille Bouyer are currently ranked within the top 3 riders on the tour.

And Canadian company Ocean Rodeo, early adopters of ALUULA, have been posting top-of-the-podium results too, with wingfoil rider Mathis Ghio recently seen screaming into 1st place in the Surf-Slalom discipline at the Freestyle Cup in Cavalaire, in a clip that’s been widely shared on social media, while over on their kite side, Big Air star Giel Vlugt continues to achieve multiple podium finishes (as well as world-first maneuvers) on his ALUULA-powered Rise kite, with all eyes on the Dutch rider as he prepares for the major Red Bull ‘King of the Air’ event in Cape Town.

Without denying that these are all talented riders at the top of their game, the consistency of ALUULA powered gear putting riders onto top tier event podiums around the world leaves no doubt as to the material’s effectiveness and consequent appeal to top level wind sport athletes, and is indicative of ALUULA’s growing adoption into the materials toolbox of major wind sport brands.

Photo by Toby Bromwich
Photo by Simon Crowther @si_crowther