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ALUULA commercializes a new class of lightweight soft composites.

2 Mar, 2022

Using a patented fusion process, ALUULA Composites has developed a unique way to fuse high tech fibers and technical films together to create an entire new class of “lightest and strongest” composite fabrics. ALUULA composites is pleased to announce that we have successfully launched an entirely new class of lightweight soft composites.

“Using the world’s strongest known polymers as input materials, the ALUULA process delivers technical results that are significantly better than anything currently available in the soft composite world. The weight of an ALUULA composite material can be as much as 50% lighter than competitive materials while still delivering equal or greater strength characteristics. The ALUULA process also allows the use of input materials that were previously difficult to bond to, unlocking “next level” technical specifications.”

“Between the interest in our materials generated from the ISPO Awards and the transformational effect our composites have had in the Wind Sport sector, ALUULA is now in co-development conversations with industry leaders from a broad range of uses and applications. It is an extremely exciting time for our entire team” said ALUULA COO John Zimmerman.

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