A new fabric is heating up the ultralight arms race.

7 Jun, 2024

If you’re an ultralighter, chances are you’ve heard of Ultra, a unique plastic material often utilized in backpacks that’s stronger than steel. And while Ultra has slowly gained dominance in the ultralight market over the last two years, it already has a new competitor making serious claims about its weight and strength: Graflyte. The new material, made by Victoria, B.C.-based startup Aluula Composites, is lighter than Ultra, and thanks to it’s unique construction, might change the way ultralight packs are made in the future. 

The superfabric hasn’t hit the market yet, but ultralight industry trailblazer Durston Gear is already taking preorders for a 30-liter pack that utilizes the fabric, and Aluula says more brands, including Arc’teryx, will come onboard within the next year. So how does Graflyte compare to Ultra? Here’s what we know so far. 

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